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Why You Should Be Represented At the Police Station: Reason 3

If you are innocent (not guilty) that is exactly the time you need Tuckers solicitors.

The truth is that sometimes people are wrongly arrested and the police can become stuck in a mindset based upon a false allegation or misleading evidence. That is when Tuckers solicitors can really help because we will analyse the evidence during a disclosure which the police are obliged to undertake by supplying us with the evidence (or at least some of it which is crucial to the case). We will then advise you as to the strength of the case and whether you should answer questions or exercise your right to remain silent. That is a difficult choice to make without legal representation so you should trust Tuckers solicitors to give you specialist advice on this issue. We will then remain with you in the interview to ensure the questions are fair and that if you do wish to give your side of the story you are able to do so. Alternatively if you wish to not answer questions we will defend that right and not allow you to be bullied.


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