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During a Criminal Investigation

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Often getting the right advice in the early stages can be critical to the outcome oaf an investigation. It is here that the right advice can make all the difference. Sometimes this does not take place at the police station. Read More

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Often people are confused about whether to have a solicitor at the police station. This might seem strange when it is a fundamental right to have a solicitor but also a free service. However, sometimes, thoughts such as "I haven't done anything wrong, why do I need a solicitor?" enter the person's mind. Read More

Defending you in the Magistrates Court

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For those of us who are experienced lawyers going to court is an everyday experience. However it still has the ability to be complicated and challenging particularly when it comes to law and procedure. Read More

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Defending you in the Crown Court

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As the Crown Court handles the more serious cases we believe that it is essential to have proper representation in the Crown Court. Read More

Appeals and Appellate Work

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Tuckers Solicitors have expertise and experience in all areas of the appeals process. Once a case has reached the appeals stage, it is essential that expert lawyers are available to address the complex elements of your case. Read More

Providing Advice and Assistance Regarding Investigations by Business Regulators

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Where to turn if your professional life lands you in hot water. Read More

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