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Tales From The Front Line During Corona virus Crisis

Partner Simon Holmes' reflections on self-isolating and working through the Coronavirus. Simon had to self isolate because his daughter was showing symptoms. He writes just before returning to work: I am stationed at the dining room table.  Day 13 (of 14)...courtesy of my daughter developing relevant symptoms last week. First thought - it’s amazing how much you can actually get done at home!  The frenetic atmosphere of the office isn’t always conducive to getting stuff done....every cloud and all that. That’s me trying to be positive...actually I’m missing the cut & thrust of being at court and the police station - doing what us criminal lawyers do best.  I’m trying to stay focused on the job in hand - casework (for now). Working my files remotely with one eye on the news (a little distracting); taking statements from witnesses over the phone, dealing with bail variations for clients that need to change their addresses three times in as many days... I’ve also had to deal with a number of police station related issues over the phone relating to the new COVID-19 police station protocol.  A protocol which involves us defence Solicitors representing our clients at the police station remotely.  I never thought I’d see the day where we appear - virtually - in the interview room. Senior management in the police, to their credit, were fairly quick to approve the protocol however the rank & file have been slow to learn of its existence let alone implement it.  Hopefully this will improve very quickly in the coming days. My self-isolation comes to an end on Sunday(29th) so I’ll be ready for work Monday morning. First stop - appointment at the dining room table - to represent a client at the police station. Bizarre times...


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