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Proposed Changes to the Law Society's Council

Dear Constituents,

Proposed changes to the Law Society’s Council.

Click here for a copy of a paper concerning proposed changes to the Law Society’s council. This is really the final part of the current modernisation of the Law Society’s governance review which has seen a change in the structure of committees and boards at the Law Society to make it more relevant and dynamic in the present age. Some of the proposals concern the role and length of service of council members and others the composition of council.

There are currently 100 members of council but as you will see there is a long term aim to reduce this to no more than 70 through reducing the number of geographical seats. There is also a suggestion of boundary changes which will see changes to Kent. One consequence of the proposed changes would be to see the DA postcode (Gravesend and Dartford) moved into South London. This does not seem like a good idea to me as I doubt many in Dartford and certainly Gravesend identify with being from South London. The issue of post codes and boundaries is still open for consultation and if it were the view of KLS representations could certainly be made on this point. There is also a proposal to limit the length of time that a council member can serve (12 years).

The point of this communication is not to garner support for any views I may have but to see how you feel about the proposed changes and indeed any other views you may have about the way in which council functions, or otherwise. I relay those views to the Council Membership Committee (CMC) who are carrying out this review. I will also reflect those views in the debate that will be held in council concerning the proposals later in the year.

Please let me know any thought you have via my e mail address



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