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Robin Murray

Partner, Medway

Robin Murray is a solicitor who founded Robin Murray and co on the 1st June 1988, which grew into a multi branch firm now known as the ‘Tuckers Kent Branch’ which is a combination of the might of firms of Robin Murray & Co and Kent Defence who merged as part of the nation-wide leading criminal defence firm Tuckers Solicitors.

Robin is a former winner of the Legal Aid Lawyer of the year award, plus a Kent Law Society Outstanding Achievement Award, and was nominated for Law Society Gazette Legal personality of the Year award.

The Kent Law Society Outstanding Achievement Award citation read:

'Robin has campaigned tirelessly for years on issues concerning criminal legal aid and Access to Justice. He is the (former) Vice Chair of CSLA and his efforts have included helping to secure the right for suspects to have a lawyer present at interviews away from police stations, a vital protection for clients. Robin has appeared on local and national media, written many articles and has appeared on local and national media, written to and met MPs and Ministers, attended local and high level meetings  and  generally  ensured  the  issue  of  legal  aid  and  fair representation is raised wherever possible.  All this Robin has achieved whilst establishing and running his own busy practice in Kent'

Robin also likes to ‘blog’ as well as write for other publishers. He Tweets. He has been in the forefront of campaigning against prosecution disclosure failure and for court enforcement of the rules offering protection to the public.

But above all Robin is an experienced trial lawyer (which he loves doing) and police station advisor.

It is the strength in depth and team work ethic in the firm that Robin is most proud of.

​When asked what made him specialise in defence criminal legal work, Robin will reply ‘As I see it, on the one hand we have the resources of the Crown, The Attorney General’s Office, The Director of Public Prosecutions office, the Crown Prosecution service, the whole of the police force; and on the other side often one lonely Defendant facing the crushing weight of this State prosecuting machine. Being a defence lawyer enables those odds to be evened and a little balance restored to the Justice process. In fact I feel sorry for the other team having to face us’!

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