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Representation in the Crown Court

Not only does the Crown Court have greater sentencing powers than the Magistrates Court (and more likely to result in a prison sentence if convicted) but the unrepresented Defendant can be faced with a highly qualified and experienced Judge and a Jury to contend with. Learning how to best address Judges and Juries takes years of experience and it is not a skill learned overnight.

We can provide representation in the Crown Court on two levels: preparing your case - such as advising on the evidence, following up witnesses, taking photographs etc and we can also represent you at the actual hearing. We have experienced advocates in our team who are qualified at this level who can represent you throughout the Crown Court proceedings. In some cases we instruct a Barrister in independent practice (depending on the particular case). Whenever we do this we tend to use a highly respected set of Barristers Chambers at 2 Bedford Row in London.

Because of the nature of Crown Court proceedings, most cases will qualify for legal aid and more people are entitled to it here than in the Magistrates Court as different rules apply as to the level of income than apply in the Magistrates Court.

Why not contact us below for some free advice as to whether you could be represented in the Crown Court. 
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