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Adrian Rohard

Partner, Higher Court's Advocate, Swanley


Called to the Bar in 1993, Adrian practiced at the Independent Bar where he enjoyed the support of a number of respected and high profile solicitors until he joined the firm in 2001.

Adrian soon obtained his Duty Status and having been invited to become a partner in the firm, Adrian converted to become a solicitor to take up the offer of partnership. Subsequently in 2011 Adrian returned to the Bar (there having been a change in the rules allowing this) but has recently switched to practice as a Higher Courts' Advocate.

Described by one senior colleague as ‘the epitome of a modern solicitor’, Adrian is known for his client care and has also been commended on many occasions for his advocacy skills.

Adrian predominantly concentrates on defending serious cases in the crown court and has recently acted as Leading Junior in a trial at Woolwich Crown Court which lasted for four months. In this case which attracted some attention from the national press,  Adrian, (leading Rhys Rosser of 2 Bedford Row) represented the first defendant to be tried for Modern Slavery offences said to have occurred whilst under 18. The Defendant was involved in a large scale county lines supply operation in the Maidstone and Gravesend area. This involved recruiting under 18s to sell drugs across Kent. The defendant relied upon Section 45 of the Modern Slavery Act in that he himself had been trafficked. 

The modern slavery offences were the subject of a successful submission of no case to answer. The defendant was acquitted of two offences of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs but convicted of two others. This demonstrated the complexities of the Section 45 defence and some of the issues that exist in the legislation and the National Referral Scheme.

Adrian has shown a particular interest in defending cases involving young defendants with issues such as county lines, trafficking, exploitation, gangs, knife crime and the s.45 Modern Slavery Act defence .


Adrian also recently defended in a murder trial where instructed as the junior advocate, Adrian appeared for the first defendant who was charged with three others with the high profile murder of a young Italian waiter and inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent on his colleague. Following an eleven week trial the judge praised the work of the advocates involved.

Adrian's other recent cases have included allegations of robbery, possession (class A) with intent to supply, violent disorder, fraud, arson, burglary and firearms offences.

When not in the crown court, Adrian’s versatile approach enables him to appear both in the police station and the magistrates court and he is able to cover criminal court hearings at all levels having rights of audience in all courts.

Adrian’s partnership responsibilities include matters relating to personnel and the production of the firm’s website.

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